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Day 25

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

This is my first day posting my daily thoughts concerning the Covid-19 virus here on my website. Today the world situation seems surreal to me. It wasn't that long ago that I created this site to inform people about my Psychotherapy practice. Now, today, I am posting and counting the days I've spent in isolation because of a deadly pandemic.

Maybe it's the grey sky today causing me to have less energy? I would have been happy to just pull the covers over my head and sleep a little longer this morning but I couldn't do that. Not because I had a burning desire to get going, but because my bedroom is my office now and my daughter needed to use the office space for her work. So, I'm up drinking coffee, but not completely awake. Maybe this morning calls for a second cup of coffee?

Tuesday is my day off, and I have things to do, but getting things done is hard for me on these dark days. I know that when it is grey inside the house and out, I have to create my own sunshine. I'm going to turn on all the lights and put on some music. I'm going to make a healthy breakfast and get moving. I tell my clients who struggle with seasonal affective disorder to turn all the lights on around them in their home. Making things as bright as possible, actually does make a difference.

I understand that many people are struggling with the isolation today and the grey skies are not improving moods for most people. So why not try what I am suggesting? Turn on the lights and it may help your mood. This may also be a good day to reach out to a friend or family member. We will get through this and there will be brighter days ahead.

Stay safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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