• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 28

Various religions will be celebrating holidays this spring in a way they've never experienced before. The pandemic is changing the world around us in so many ways and celebrating holidays is no exception. I remember when I was a little girl finding Easter baskets, coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts and a new Easter outfit. This year I cannot leave my home on Easter Sunday and there will be no shopping for new clothes.

I continue to have thoughts of how surreal our lives are right now. When I'm doing activities at home and keeping busy, things feel quite normal. Then something reminds me of what is going on outside my home and it feels like I'm in a silence fiction movie. No, there will not be a new Easter outfit this year. The stores are all closed so we can't shop. The places of worship are closed so there will be no services. It just doesn't seem possible that we are living in this unbelievable world.

Making the best of this strange situation seems to be required. I have heard from several parents of young children and they are being very creative in continuing some of their holiday traditions indoors. Times like these call for creativity to be sure. My good friend and her neighbor have decided to wear hats on Easter Sunday, while they attend church online. A client is having an Easter eggs hunt in her home and the children are coloring eggs. Another client and her older children are creating Easter baskets for friends and leaving their on front porches.

I understand that there are far more serious things happening during this pandemic than Easter baskets and new clothes. However, the loss of our normal in whatever way is stressful and difficult. My hope is that you are being more creative in your daily life to make this unbelievable time a little easier. So wear your hat watching your Easter service on the television and hide the colored eggs around the house.

Be safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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