• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 37

Why am I riding on an elephant you may ask? I have enjoyed studying Hinduism and their many gods and goddesses, in the past. The one I'd like to write about today is Lord Ganesh. Ganesh is said to clear obstacles in our paths. It is also said, that he brings prosperity, and wisdom. I think you may agree, these are all things we need desperately, at this time.

A giant obstacle in our lives right now is the present coronavirus. Things we need are, financial security, food and wisdom, to navigate safely, in this very scary time.

What are some obstacles in your life right now? Is it that you are not working? Is it that you are working from home, discovering all the fallout, from family and pets ,who may be disturbing you? Is your obstacle isolation itself, and the restrictions it places on your daily activities? Is your obstacle loneliness and depression? Everyone may have different obstacles in their lives. Is your obstacle large or small? Do you have a roof over your head, or is the grocery store out, of your favorite drink or food? The interesting thing is, whatever is your obstetrical, it is standing in your way of happiness.

So, what will represent Ganesh in your daily life? What will be your way of removing the obstacles? Reaching out to others for help, in time of need, is one way. Today, most of us are in need, in one way or another. Feeling afraid or ashamed to ask of help is counterproductive, and will get you no help. Think about your obstacles today. We are all in this together, and we need to help each other. You probably aren't going to invite a homeless person to sleep on your sofa, but you can donate to the organizations caring for them. You probably will not move in with a neighbor, who lives alone, who is elderly or disabled, but you can offer to get them food. You will be the Lord Ganesh to these people, who need help facing their huge obstacles.

Think about how you might remove an obstacle for someone today. Take stock of your own obstacles, and see how best you might remove, or lessen them. You don't have to be Hindu or worship their Lord Ganesh, to see the benefit of removing the obstacles in your life right now, or even the lives of others. Help yourself and others, to survive and move forward, in this time of disbelief.

Stay safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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