• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 39

We've come a long way baby. I was reading this morning, about the Black Plague. This particular epidemic was caused by fleas, mostly on rats, that were living among the people. The various "cures" they tried in 1348, were far from the vaccines being created today.

Some of the things they used to heal the black Plague were rubbing onions, herbs or a chopped up snake over an infected body. Drinking vinegar, eating crushed minerals, arsenic, mercury or even ten year-old Treacle.(,uk) Treacle is like molasses, who knew?

The unfortunate thing was, they didn't know how the plague was spread. There were some, who thought it was an act of God. Some may have thought that evil spirits caused all the deaths. The people never came up with a cure, but the plague is all but gone today. It isn't entirely gone, as it still pops up in other countries, where people eat sick, wild animals. However; today the plague can be more easily treated, with the antibiotics. Not a good rubbing of onions or chopped up snake.

So, why am I writing about the Black Plague today, in the midst of the Coronavirus? I am writing for two reasons. First, some people are sharing, that they've have found a cure for Covid-19. It worked for malaria, so I "think" it will work for this Coronavirus. This herb or that process, will cure Covid-19 virus. What is most important here, in my mind, is that a cure actually, hasn't been created, or tested, to actually stop this killer virus. It feels to me, like the middle ages, when people thought they had a cure. In reality, I believe, they were willing to try anything, to end the epidemic and I believe this is happening today, out of fear and desperation.

Me, I believe in science. My work as a psychotherapist is considered a science, because it has been empirically proven to work. Empirical proof is created by experiments, or testing, observed over a period of time, deriving the same outcome each time. Scientists all over the world, are working on a vaccine for Covid-19. Brilliant minds working full-time to find a way to stop this Coronavirus. They will succeed, and we will have vaccine, that will cure the virus. However, they will need time, to not only create the vaccine, but to test it, time and time again. In the mean time, don't be fooled by other so called cures. We have to be patient and take all the precautions we can, to survive the pandemic. Using the wrong medicine, is like rubbing snakes on your body to heal the virus.

Stay safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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