• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 40

Can this be right? It doesn't seem possible, that I've been in my home for forty days. Where has all the time gone? My mother told me, when I got older, time would go by much faster. My mother was so correct. When I was a kid, summers seemed so long, and now they seem to fly by way too soon.

I do understand that for many the isolation is going by very slowly. Not being able to work, or trying to work from home, with interruptions, can cause stress, which can in turn, make time move more slowly. Retired people, who are accustomed to leaving the house often, are lacking the social stimulation they once had. This may make their time at home seem to drag, due to loneliness, and increased levels of stress. People are missing people as time crawls by for many.

My younger daughter sent out a family email today, asking if we wanted to have a virtual happy hour, tonight? It sounded so great! I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing from everyone. I'm actually excited, which lets me know how the isolation is affecting me. I text friends and call some. I see others on Face Book or Instagram, but I haven't heard many voices, in a very long time. It will be so great, to see my family, and hear their voices. It is definitely time to connect, and i'm so happy my daughter thought of this great idea.

Good news today, our Governor has opened up some business and activities,with a great word of caution. For me, I intend to continue to follow strict rules, concerning any movement from my home. The virus is far from under control, and until they have a vaccine, I wont be out in stores, of any kind. We are fortunate that many businesses are offering curbside services. I plan to order some plants and flowers, in a few weeks, and have them placed in my trunk. We must remain very cautious venturing out. I believe that the Governor would actually rather, that we remain in our homes for a longer time. However, she has received such pressure to open business, she has relented, with the caveat that everyone continue to use all the precautions in place.

We are a long way from being clear of this Coronavirus. Even though some of the rules may cause time to go by slowly, we must endure, if we want ourselves and others to survive. Things will get back to normal eventually. We will talk about the pandemic for years to come, but it will become a thing of the past. We will move forward, in some kind of new normal. Try to exercise patience and have faith. Maybe this will help you pass time in a better way.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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