• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 43

Plenty of sunshine heading my way,

zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!

It's going to be 60 degrees today, here in

Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm so excited! I'm going outside, and doing a final cleanup in my patio garden. Everything out there is still brown, except for a few brave, perennial plants, peeking threw the dirt.

I heard that the nurseries will be open soon, and I can buy live flowers. I understand, that they will still be enforcing social distancing, but honestly, I'm still a little leery about being among people. I'm pretty sure, I can order my flowers and plants online, and then use curbside pickup. I think that's the way I'll do it this year.

Last year at this time, I was checking out some hanging plants, in a garden section of a local store. This year, I'm growing seeds inside, to plant outdoors. Not flowers, but heirloom tomatoes. Like many people today, I'm going to grow a few vegetables, among the flowers this year. Why not? They will be free from pesticides, and I will be the only one touching them. Plus, what is better than freshly picked vegetables and fruits?

I spend a small fortune each spring, on flowers and plants. Some of them do come up the next year, but many do not. I think this year, I may plant more seeds than buy live plants. Learning to grow my flowers from seed, instead of spending a lot of money on live plants will help my budget. In addition, it may be another positive change for my future, that was born in this pandemic. I think it will be so much fun, watching the tiny sprouts grow, into fully grown plants.

Now here's something you may not know. You can propagate plants from the vegetables you have purchased at the grocery store. My daughter is growing green onions and celery, on the kitchen windowsill, right now. She cut them down and placed them in small bowls of water. The green onions are incredible. They grow quickly, and she just cuts off the tops, then refrigerates them. The celery is beginning to grow as well. I'm trying it with a cabbage, why not, right?

I've written before, how being outside, and especially in the sunshine, improves your mood.

We get so many benefits from the sun, physically and mentally. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are, and that you can get outside for a while. Maybe you will plant your own garden, even if its on your kitchen windowsill. These are dark times, and we must find light to survive, both figuratively, and literally. I realize that times may be difficult, but try to remain hopeful, and let go of negativity today. Improve your mood, and step into the sunlight.

Stay safe and remember that this won't last forever

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