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Day 44

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. Those are Latin words, meaning please forgive me. I fell short yesterday in writing, what turned out to be a very political post. My emotions got the best of me, and I shared some personal opinion..To those who wrote angry notifications, I am sorry I offended you, by anything I wrote. This blog is to help others, not to incite anger, or negative feelings of any kind. I will refrain from any political writing in the future.

So, tension is raising high out there right now. We are all afraid for our futures on some level, and living in this upside down world. People are afraid that they cannot work or support themselves and their families. Some people are angry, that they cannot leave their homes, and return to their normal lives. Many live in fear right now, uncertain of where the pandemic will take them. All these are very natural feelings and emotions. Emotions are high for many of us right now, and that is totally understandable. We are all hearing different versions of what is going on,and where we are headed in this pandemic. My emotions were high yesterday, as were my frustrations when i wrote my blog..

I received the best education, when I graduated from The University of Michigan, I learned so many ways to help others, and to be there for them, in times of pain, hardship and trouble. I am an excellent psychotherapist, and I have helped hundreds of people to heal, and move forward in their lives. I love my job and I feel blessed, that I have been given the opportunity to help so many people. I have been practicing for many, many years, and I still look forward to going to work everyday. However, I am not perfect and I do make mistakes. Writing yesterday in frustration, was not a good thing to do. I forgot that this is my work website and it is not the place for political opinions. I fell short of my own expectations Mea Culpa

We are being asked right now, to do things, we've never, in our lifetimes, done before. Why wouldn't emotions and fear be great right now? We all need to stop and breathe. Take some deep breaths and try to relax. Things will work out for all of us, one way or the other. We must persevere and keep moving forward, no matter how hard it may be. Get outside like i did yesterday and fill your lungs with fresh air. Forgive yourself for ways you have fallen short. We are all human trying to exist in a world pandemic. Fighting among ourselves is not the way to recovery. We need to love ourselves and those around us. Not let anger and frustration get the best of us.

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