• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 34

This is a post from ten days ago. I found it in my drafts. I'd given up on posting it because it was taking so much time to upload. It's funny but I was starving to hear the birds and see flowers beginning to grow. Now, only ten days later and it is happening. I hope my garden does as well as last year. This is my place to connect with nature and find wonderful peace. Please turn on the audio for this video.

This video is from last summer, but it means more to me this year. The isolating seems to make most of us want spring, more than any year before. Spring will come, just as the virus will eventually end. However, waiting does require patience, and patience is getting short for some of us.

We are living in a time that history books will share about for generations to come. It continues to feel so surreal to me. It's like being in a science fiction movie, or a novel. It just feels like it really isn't happening. How could the entire world be experiencing this insanity? It doesn't seem possible that more and more people are dying everyday, and nothing has been done to stop it. If this were a novel or movie, we would not be near the climax of the story. The story line is building with suspense, agony, fear and extreme sadness. I do know that the end of either the movie or novel, but l feel it will be a good one. People will live, people will have learned great and grave lessons and rebuilding will begin. Until then, look forward to spring then summer and enjoy the warm, beautiful days. Continue to pray for yourself and others and remain in isolation, until there is a cure. That is all we can do right now, to fight the pandemic, and keep ourselves alive and well.

Keep safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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