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Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 30

I thought yesterday was day 30 but it is today. The days do run together right now for sure. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Ostera and Happy whatever this day does or does not mean to you.

We have sunshine right now in Grand Rapids but as all Southeastern Michiganders know, it can rain or snow the next moment. It's so important for everyone to get outside if possible in this sunshine. Even if you just sit in the sun, it is healing both physically and emotionally. It is still pretty brown and dead in my patio garden but I know the wonderful bright days are ahead. I love sitting outside having my morning coffee, listening to the birds sing. It's a wonderful way to start my day.

I heard this morning that people who have never had a garden are up in arms, because the nurseries may not be open in time to buy their flowers. I also read that vegetable and flower seeds are limited due to the increase in sales. I think we all need to take a big breath right now. First it was the gigantic fear that we couldn't have paper to wipe our bums and now its hording seeds and rage about there not being enough, or any plants to buy. How many seeds do you need anyway? I think everyone needs to stop and take a big breath.

I know I mentioned planting seeds in a previous post but I meant a package or two, not stocking up. I also talked about the possibility of not being able to purchase live plants, hence buying the seeds. This is a spring like none we have experienced in our lifetime. If we can't have hanging plants when we want them, we need to relax and look at the big picture.

When I hear that people are angry with our governor for the social distancing I am amazed. I'm sure these people have not experienced the Covid-19 virus up close and personal. I, unfortunately have good friends who have. My high school friend fought for his life with the killer virus recently here in Grand Rapids. His wife who is also my high school friend, couldn't be with him as he fought hour by hour for his life. His family was separated from him when they needed to be with him the most. I also have another friend who is still in the throws of caring for the dying in Washington state. Her fellow nurses are dying around her (four the last count I heard). She said that she and other nurses are working their regular shifts and weekends too. They are exhausted and overwhelmed and afraid. She fears for her life everyday going to work. Is your yard more important than life? Is leaving your home to buy a plant worth the risk of a slow and really horrible death?

Now more than ever we need to keep things in perspective. I absolutely love my garden but nothing is worth risking my life to buy a petunia. Staying at home is all we can do now to slow down the spread of this hideous virus. Our gardens may or may now look the same as last year but really, how important is that when compared to dying on a ventilator?

Keep safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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