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Day 47

I woke up missing my office this morning. I have a very nice space, and I looked forward to being there every week. If you've read previous posts, you know that I am presently doing my work, from a three foot space, in the corner of my small bedroom. I'm not complaining though, because I feel so fortunate, to be working at all. People are continuing their jobs as best they can right now, from sales to television shows. That is, if they have a job.

Many people are so worried right now, about not working, and for good reason. People seem to be more desperate all the time, based on what I see in the news. Fear drives people to congregate at State capitals. Fear of not having enough money to feed their families. However, some do not seem to fear the killer virus, as they don't wear masks and congregate side by side . Obviously, fear is a selective thing. What one person fears, may not register on another person's fear register. People want to work, of that I am sure, and many are not allowed to return to their jobs. This is a time like none we've experienced in our lifetimes.

It is hard to have faith that things will work out. I understand that fully. When people are afraid or angry, it is very difficult to have faith that things will get better. However, we must not give up, because having hope is the thing, that will keep us moving forward. As I have said many times, these are hard times, but people have gone through hard times before in history, and most survived. I'm not minimizing the suffering going on right now, but just asking that you remain hopeful. There will come a day when this is behind us. There will come a time when we dig out of the financial problems, caused by the pandemic isolation. Hope may be all we have right now in many cases.

I miss my office, but I am thankful everyday that I am not working in the hospitals. I'm sure, they don't look forward to going to work, or miss their workplace. It is all very relative. The man who had no shoes felt guilty that he had complained, when he saw the man with no feet.

Be safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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