• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 49

I hope you are having a good day and that you are keeping safe. How are you feeling about some businesses opening up now? I'm still going to remain home myself. My age and chronic lung issues, will keep me inside for quite a while.

My hair salon sent out an email today. They plan on opening this month, with many precautions. I'd love to go, but I can't risk it. It's just too soon for me. That being said, I am happy for the businesses that have opened and are using precautions and following good rules. If you are a healthy person and use proper precautions you should be alright. Everyone can do whatever they want of course, and I pray that they will remain free of the new Coronavirus, but I will feel better waiting.

I'm much less worried about how I look. My life is the most important. Kent County, where I live, is red on the chart today, the same as Detroit. We are just more spread out than Detroit, so it's taken a little longer to increase in cases. It's out there for sure, and I am afraid to be among people, who may be carrying the virus. You may feel differently, and that is fine. I can only speak for myself here.

My high school friend is back in the hospital. He had Covid-19 and got better. He was sent home with antibiotics, and he looked so good, in the picture of him, the day he left the hospital. This week, he had to return to the hospital again, because he wasn't improving. He couldn't breathe, and the medicine sent him home with him wasn't working. His family, and his wife, with whom I also graduated high school, are once again living everyday in fear. My friends are two of the best people, I've ever known. They are kind and warm, and always have a smile on their faces. Why are these good people suffering? It never makes sense to me. Why do good people have very bad things happening to them? I realized that situation very quickly, when I began my work as a psychotherapist. People wanted answers, as to why these things were happening, and I couldn't give any.

I wonder, if the people who take risks, like not wearing masks and congratulating closely together, actually know anyone, with the new coronavirus? Have they seen the fear and hopelessness, on the faces of anyone they love? I know that there are people out there, who still don't believe the virus is real, much less killing people. One person who wrote on my blog said, that it was a hoax, created by scientists. I really don't know what will make some people listen, and understand, that the isolation is what's keeping people from dying. Maybe they will have to experience it themselves, or through a loved one's death. I pray for them, this is not the way they will understand the gravity, of this situation. I have another friend, I've written about before, who watched her fellow nurses dying among the patients, who were dying as well. I've been close enough to the new coronavirus, to make me stay in my home for sure.

I am going to remain in my home, until there is a vaccine and everyone is tested. That is the only way I can be sure, that I won't die, from Covid-19. It isn't the best situation for any of us, being sequestered in our homes. We want life to be the way it was. It's really hard to believe how our world has changed in two months, here in the United States. However, I will remain at home, and make the best of this crazy time in my life. I'd rather be housebound, than back in the hospital, like my friend. I'd rather grow my hair down to my waist and cut my own bangs, then end up in the hospital struggling to breathe, like my friend.

Stay safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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