• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 53

Wednesday, hump day, the middle of the week, two days before the weekend, who cares?

I would totally forget what day it is, if I wasn't working from home. Remember when we looked forward to the weekend? Now, for many of us, everyday is the weekend.

It hasn't been easy living your life, like the character in the movie, Groundhog Day. The fact that I work from home three days a week, really helps give some order to my life. However, others of you, who do not have this way to mark time, can face a monotonous life.

I know it isn't easy for some. People with hobbies seem to be having a better time of it. They spend time doing things they love, and time often passes quickly. I know, when I paint the time flies by. Sometimes, I forget to eat or drink, because I'm so involved in what I'm doing.

Not everyone is creative, I understand that. Do you garden? Do you read? Do you even follow some daily television shows? Do you exercise? Do you just get outside and walk?

Any of these things can help pass the time away. What if you designated certain days to do specific things? For instance, what if you do your hobby three days a week, or any activity, three days a week? Giving certain activities specific days of the week, will give you a better sense of time. The same way I know it's Monday, because I work that day.

These are strange times, and we must do the best we can to keep ourselves occupied. Maybe Tuesday will be the day you call your friends and family. Maybe Wednesday will be the day you garden or just clean up outside. Giving certain days to specific tasks, may help you mark time again.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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