• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 54

Let's hear it for the unsung heroes. I write often, as do others, about the first responders and the people in healthcare. These are the heroes of today, but there are others, who are rarely acknowledged.

There are the people working in companies out there, that may be struggling to stay afloat. There are owners, supervisors, managers and workers, who are often working long hours. They are exhausted and worried, but they continue to keep things going for us.

Not everyone can work from home.

Some people are loading trucks, some people are making food, others are doing jobs we aren't even aware of. There are so many people out there working full-time, in risky situations, to keep our country going. So today, lets remember all those who are still working. Who are fighting to stay well in a pandemic. The many people who are keeping us going as a nation.

I thank you so much for going to work, in this Covid-19 nightmare. May you keep safe and know that you are appreciated.

Stay safe and know that this won't last forever.

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