• Barbara Clayton Price


Updated: May 11, 2020

Day 57

One of the weirdest Mothers Days ever. I just had a virtual visit with my two daughters, Usually, we are all together at a nursery picking out flowers. They always give me a gift certificate for Mothers Day, so that I can get some plants. That's not happening this year because of social distancing,

I wonder how the pandemic is affecting other Mothers Day celebrations. I hope that everyone may connect in some safe way. I will mostly miss the hugs and being physically close to my wonderful daughters. This is so weird and unnatural but next year, I will appreciate this day so much more. I will look back on this time with disbelief.

Most of us will survive to look back. I think that is so important to remember. If we just follow the rules and keep safe, we will live on and only remember this as another thing of the past. It will leave scars and we will all remember where we were when we had to isolate one from another. It will be like nine-eleven in that way. A different kind of disaster but it will remain etched in our minds.

So whatever your day looks like. If you are a mom or a child of a mom, just know that next year Covid-19 will be something we will look back on, and you will again celebrate Mothers Day with your family. I'm sending out love to everyone who is having difficulty celebrating this holiday.

Be safe and rember that this will not last forever.

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