• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 31

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling", these words are taken from an old English folktale. Henny-Penny was in the farm yard, when an acorn fell on her head. When she was hit with the acorn, she thought that the sky was falling, and she set out in panic to tell the King. The story has had two endings throughout time. One is when Henny-Penny realizes that she was very wrong, and was upset about nothing after all. The other is more negative, as Foxy-Loxy lures Henny-Penny, and the friends she'd collected along the way, into his burrow and eats everyone but her. There are two morals to this old tale, depending on the version you read. The later is, not to believe everything you are told and the first is, to have courage and don't panic. I think we might take something from the book, sometimes called Chicken Little.

I'm not sure what to believe anymore. I know that there is a pandemic and that I must isolate, to keep it from spreading. I know I have to wash my hands with warm soapy water for twenty seconds. I also know, that I need to wear a mask now, when I must leave my home. I watched a video made by a Michigan doctor, who gave a demonstration online, showing how to sterilize everything from paper, to metal. to food. We were doing his suggested procedures faithfully in my home. Or, should I say, my adult daughter who lives with me, was following through with the program perfectly. We felt safe even though all this was a lot of work for her. We wanted to do everything we are told, to fight getting this killer virus.

Then, yesterday the National Health Organization says, there is no need to go to such extremes. We don't have to spray our mail with Lysol and place our fruits and vegetables in bleach water, killing any virus left behind by other shoppers. This news actually brought about some relief to my daughter who'd been afraid that she wasn't getting things safe enough. We did still have some doubt about the rules, because both examples seem to have some merit. This is an example of trying to determine what is truth, and what is not, and who are the foxy-Loxy's,and who are not.

One thing I do know, panic is never good. Panic can cause us to fear that we are not doing enough and so, we go over the top. It also increases fear, that there will not be enough to go around, causing some people to get more than they need or hoard. We must have faith that we are strong, and if we follow the rules that we will be safe, and will have enough. We have no idea how our economy be affected by the social isolation. I do know that we've always survived through tough times. Even though, there was a great depression, we eventually returned to normal. What will be, will be, and fearing the worst, will not improve the tole it may take on you in the end.

Don't panic, and don't assume that this is the end of the world like Henny-Penny ,when she was hit on the head with an acorn. Whatever happens, we will get through this. We may be hit on the head with acorns, be they small or gigantic, but the sky is not falling. Have hope and expect that things will be alright, and should we actually be hit by something catastrophically big, we must be strong and keep faith that when this ends. will go on, and we won't all be eaten by a fox.

Stay safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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