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Day 58

I've been working from home for fifty-eight days now and It's getting a little old. The conditions of my makeshift office are not very good. I have written before, that I am working in a tiny corner of my bedroom. The space is about a three-foot square, with the bed to the right and the wall to my left. My left elbow nearly touches the wall and I have to squeeze past my TV tray desk to get in and out. The chair I sit on, is not meant for an eight hour shift. It's a pretty little velvet-looking, Queen Ann chair. Lovely but not that comfortable. Heaven help me if I drop my pen, or anything else. I can't just lean over and pick it up, because my arms are too short, and there's no room to bend over. It's beginning to look a little messy in my "office".

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to my actual office, to get a few things. It was the first time I'd left my home in fifty-seven days, so I was excited just be in the car going someplace. When we got to my office, my daughter thought she could get my therapy chair and ottoman in my car. I thought that with my chair back home, I'd be comfortable during my client sessions. I would have to move things around in my bedroom to make room for it, but I felt that could be done, I said,"let's do it".

I have a large car, but it is a sedan not an SUV. We got the chair outside and tried every way possible to get the chair into my car. We ended up taking the legs off, but there was no way that it would fit. My daughter decided to drive my car home and get her bigger SUV. I waited in the lobby, keeping an eye on the legless chair that was out on the sidewalk. Of course, it had started to rain. Not a real downpour, just a steady drizzle. I wondered about the decision to take the chair home. My daughter returned about twenty minutes later, and it was actually a piece of cake, getting the chair and ottoman in her car. We were off, with the furniture in the back of the SUV. All of a sudden, I was starving.

We started out to find a drive-thru or curbside pick up restaurant. I quickly found out how things had changed. The first place had a line of cars for pick-up or ordering at the window, I couldn't tell from the street. Whatever their reason for being there, cars were all around the building and out into the parking lot. We decided to get Chinese food instead. However, as we sat in the Chinese restaurant parking lot, I remembered that I had my heart set on a hot fudge sundae before. We changed our minds again and drove to the Cheesecake Factory. I've never eaten at the Cheesecake Factory, but we decided to order curbside pickup from there. A short drive later, we were sitting in the Cheesecake Factory parking lot, reading the menu on our phones. I'd decided on a different dessert by then, because they didn't have hot fudge sundaes. That was fine with me, but I was just getting hungrier and hungrier.

I ordered our food from their website, but I couldn't get it to go through. My daughter tried and found that we had to call in, to order food. Hungry, I'm getting hungrier. She called and finally got through, after waiting a very long time for someone to answer. When the restaurant worker finally picked up, she told my daughter that it would be a two and a half hour wait. We gave up! This is not like the old days, when you could get food someplace in less than fifteen minutes. We went home and found something boring to eat.

Things are SO different right now. We have very serious things going on, of that I am fully aware. However, there are a lot of smaller issues, that can add up quickly as well. It's just weird. Things are not the same, and I guess I have to admit that. Things aren't normal anymore. I'm working in my pajama bottoms for heaven's sake!

So ,tomorrow my daughter and I will attempt to get the chair upstairs. Yes, it's still in her vehicle. We were too tired and hungry to remove it yesterday. It's my day off from work tomorrow, (using my bedroom for sleeping). I will have some time to move the rocking chair from a different corner in my bedroom, to make room for the office chair. God only knows where I will put the rocker. I haven't gotten that far yet. I have to just go with the flow and make the best of all this weirdness. Now, I'm going to leave my bedside office space and go eat an egg-salad sandwich. It's not the salmon dinner with a hot-fudge sundae dessert that I had in mind yesterday, but it will be just fine. There are much bigger things to worry about right now then where I'm going to sit when I do therapy or what I will eat. On the other hand, if you've been sequestered almost sixty days, and let's say that you are using a piano bench at your kitchen table for work ( as someone I spoke with today shared), it may be the thing that is your real problem, at that moment.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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