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Days 60 and 61

Masks are everywhere now, and that is a very good thing. I believe that the majority of us wearing masks has helped lower the number of Covid-19 cases. Not everyone agrees.

Some people refuse to wear masks, and others don't understand why they must wear one. Mask sales are everywhere now. People are making them and so many people are selling them online as well. Anyone can have one now, but this was not the case two months ago. No masks could be found and hospitals were crying for them not that long ago. Just like the historic toilet paper caper, when we couldn't find a package of toilet paper anywhere. Now, the prized paper rolls are readily available and thank heavens, the hospitals are finally receiving some of the supplies they need

Yesterday I read an article, in either the Washington Post, or New York Times. The article said, that the percentages of people in different socioeconomic levels, were complying with the mask requirement and understood the importance of it. The percentages were about 80-20 or 75-25 in favor of the compliance. Once again, it is the few who are getting the publicity and causing problems. We must remember that more people DO follow rules than do not. More people are keeping themselves and others safe than not.

Nobody knows how long the virus will be around or exactly how we will be rid of it. I choose to believe in the miracle of science, and the brilliance of scientists who are working on a vaccine. I believe that they will find a way, to rid the world of this dangerous virus. I don't think it will be any time soon, but I believe it will happen. People want this to be over and it is affecting people in many ways, Some of my clients were angry this week, some were worried, and for others it was less important, because they were going through different battles of their own. People are experiencing the stages of grief, as they move through these days of losses. The loss of their jobs, the loss of the face to face connection to family and friends is huge. They are grieving the loss of the freedom they had, to leave their houses and run errands, or go to a sports event or the beach. There have been so many losses for so many people these past two months, and the results are many times not positive.

So how do we combat these symptoms of grief? There are articles everywhere right now, sharing ways to feel better and cope. I too have written about such things here in my blog. This is all very good and helps to some degree. I believe talking about your feelings to someone who can lift you up, and give you hope, is probably the best way to combat the negative feelings. It may be someone connected to your faith, or a strong, positive roll model or seeing a therapist. Therapists are online now and insurance is paying for the sessions. If you don't have a computer insurance is covering phone calls as well. If you are feeling really depressed and hopeless, it is of the greatest importance that you reach out. There are people out there who can help, and let you know that you are not alone. This situation may be very difficult for you, but you do not have to do it alone.

I have combined two posts in this blog. I woke up late yesterday and worked into the night seeing my clients. I tried to write late last night, but my brain was in sleep mode. It's rather clear that I have combined two topics in this blog today.

Be safe and remember that this won't last forever.

My posts found on my blog are not meant to replace or support my work as a Psychotherapist. I am neither counseling or attempting to do therapy of any kind. The posts are my personal opinions and thoughts, and are not a part of my practice in any way. My blog is a representation of my personal feelings during the pandemic and do not enter into my treatment or actions as a psychotherapist.

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