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Updated: May 20, 2020

Day 63

I started writing my blog because I felt, that I was taking up a lot of space on Facebook. I title my posts, Sequestered Psychotherapist, because I am just that. The posts were and are written from my perspective as a Psychotherapist, going through what everybody else is going through. I do not write offering help or therapy, but just as a person going through what everyone else is experiencing. The writing has helped me put down my thoughts and experiences on a daily basis. Keeping track of the days in isolation and how I'm feeling, is what my posts are all about. Most of my readers have been kind and supportive. I myself, am kind and caring, and I try to approach life in a positive way. I love people, and I believe that there are far more good people than bad. I must admi,t that it has been great,to read all the kind responses to my writing. I am not a professional writer by any means, but writing is something I enjoy for sure and it makes me happy to share it.

All that being said; I understand that there are other people, who use FB and the internet as a soapbox. They argue with each other, and often say very mean things. They can keep a topic going for days, and they seem to really enjoy doing that. That's fine for them, but that's not how I want to spend my time. Everyone has an opinion, they are like belly buttons, everybody has one. I prefer to engage in a discussion face to face and not on the internet. I will not back down from a good discussion, and I do have strong opinions about things. I just don't want to share them online with people I do not know.

I've never received any push back or mean comments in all my years on FB. So, imagine how shocked I was, to find them on my blog. I guess I don't understand their motives. When I'm sharing my feelings about something, everyone has the option to read or not to read it. There are some news magazines or papers that I do not read, because I do not agree with their philosophy. They have every right, to print what they believe to be true, and it is my choice to read it or not. Recently, I wrote a rather funny blog about something I'd experienced. Most people reacted with smiles or liked it. However, one person attacked me and stated that nobody gave a sh#*t about my story. I was shocked and felt attacked. It was like a kick in the stomach when I read what he had to say. There had been another man before him, who was very rude, but this comment seemed worse.

I think my lesson here is, that if I write anything for the masses, there may be those who are just waiting to attack me. I fully understand, that there are unhappy and angry people out there. I cannot change them, nor is it my place to try. However, I will continue to write my blog, because it makes me feel good and it is good for me. I can delete most of the mean things, but there is one I can't get rid of. Other people have told him that he is a troll, and other shaming things. I do NOT want that to happen either, because that is part of the angry dialogue, and it feeds into the negative. I wrote to the person, and said that I was sorry he felt that way and to take care, nothing more.

On a brightener note, today I'm working on my home office. I'll help my daughter get my office chair and footstool upstairs and I hope that goes better than trying to get it in my car. My back will be happier with the office chair for sure. I know how fortunate I am, that I can work from home. I understand that I am still being paid while others are not. I have great compassion, for people who are suffering right now, because of the Coronations. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sending you light and love. Yes ...even to the so called trolls and mean among us.

Stay safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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