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Day 64

Good morning, or is it afternoon? Yes, it is afternoon, but I'm still wearing my pajamas. I slept in this morning until 10:00 a.m., probably because I stayed up a little later last night. It really doesn't matter when I get up anymore, because days do tend to run together right now. I'm feeling pretty good this morning, I mean this afternoon, er, ah, today.

I worked on my bedroom yesterday, cleaning things out that had accumulated over time. Now my bedroom/ home office will feel less cluttered and consequently, more calming psychologically. Clutter takes away from a feeling of peacefulness, and increases a sense of being out of control. Keeping your home less cluttered, especially right now, will help you better tolerate staying inside.

Many people have shared about cleaning out closets and cupboards during the pandemic. I believe this is firstly, because we have more time, but secondly, it is a way to make order out of chaos. We are feeling the difficult times right now, both psychologically and physically. Things in the world are definitely out of our control. Covid-19 is all around us, and most of us are afraid that we, or our loved ones may get it. We also continue to hear conflicting ideas, about what people think is safe to do. Too bad I can't organize my country like my bedroom, I would feel much more in control.

I read an article this morning from the Governor of New York. He stated that the biggest rise in the new coronavirus is from people staying at home. This was deceiving, as what he really was saying, was that more people are leaving their houses and bringing the virus back with them. I have heard from many people, that they are venturing out more often now. That is perfectly fine, as long as you remember the rules that keep you safe. The article went on to talk about having a mask that cups your chin, and a wire that allows you to fit the mask around your nose. Other instructions were the same that we've continued to hear, since the virus first started here.

When places open up, I fear that people will assume that they no longer have to use the precautions, to keep from spreading the virus. I have seen beaches open up and the crowds that gather. They are crowded together and no one is wearing a mask. Out of control here for sure. Anytime we see through the media, people crowding together, it can cause anxiety and emotion. People who are doing the best they can to keep safe and follow the rules, are often astounded by these behaviors. It is important to remember, that we cannot control others, we can only control ourselves. If living and keeping safe are important to you, then you will continue to practice safety. If people do not believe that there is a virus, then it is up to them to accept their own consequences. I choose to live and to remain safe and away from danger, but that's just me. Some people who may read this will not understand my need for safety, and finding some control in my life. That's fine, because everyone can live their own life as long as it is within the law, but I do fear for them greatly.

Hearing from someone yesterday, who has a good friend fighting for her life due to Covid-19, really brings closer the reality of what is happening around us. I think that some people haven't known anyone with the virus, so they don't believe it is real. I feared for the small children in the crowds of people I saw in the news, who were unprotected. I couldn't understand how they could put their children in harms way. That situation really brought home the truth, that there are people who do not think Covid-19 exists, or that it isn't worse than a common cold. I fear for all those unprotected people and their families.

All we can do right now, to find some peace in this unbelievable world, is to keep ourselves safe. Don't listen to a lot of news, because that can bring on fear and feelings of a loss of control. Continue to practice everything you've learned, to keep from getting the killer virus. Try to keep some sense of control in your life, even if it is getting clutter out of your closets.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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