• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 65

Actually I don't see, at least not very well. I was scheduled for my first cataract surgery, right after the pandemic started. I was scheduled to get a new prescription for glasses, after the second eye was done. None of that happened. Consequently, I'm having a little trouble making things out. Good thing I don't have to look at the computer keys to type, otherwise, I doubt I would be writing this at all.

How many of you have had appointments canceled? I've had other doctor appointments and some lab work, since this all started. A lot of people are complaining about their hair growing or needing color, because salons are closed as well. I understand, that my hairstylist's shop is opening, under some strict guidelines. I myself, am not going for a while. I'm sure you have appointments, that are not happening right now. I would imagine, that the appointments being cancelled, are not necessary to sustaining life. It may be an inconvenience, but not much more in most cases.

When you think about not being able to keep appointments or your hair growing long, imagine how scary it is, for the people who must keep their appointments. There are people with cancer, who must go into the hospital regularly to receive chemotherapy. They are at high risk to get Covid-19, because their immune system is almost nonexistent. Then, they have to visit the place where the virus may be lurking, to receive their necessary treatments. They must keep their appointments, and I would imagine that they would much rather be at home and healthy. I have a friend who lost her husband a year ago. He had to go for dialysis three times a week. His immune system was severely compromised, as are those who are receiving dialysis right now. Yet, they must keep their appointments or die. I'm sure they would rather be isolated in their homes, safe and away from people who may be carrying the virus.

We can't do the things we'd like to do right now, and we want to go out and be with people. However, most of us understand, that we are being asked to isolate, to save our lives and the lives of others. While there are those less fortunate, who must leave their homes and be in harms way. Friends who have contracted Covid-19 are in the hospital, some fighting for their lives. Many of them were working in the hospitals, caring for those who left the safety of their homes, to care for others.

So, the fact that I have to squint sometimes or let my eyes refocus, is only an inconvenience.

I know how fortunate I am, to be able to remain in the safety of my home. There are other people, who must leave their homes to receive treatment to remain alive. In doing so, they risk the possibility of getting a virus, that may take their lives. I think it helps sometimes to look around and compare your life to others more unfortunate. All this being said, I know that there are people working everyday behind the scenes keeping our country going. They put themselves in harms way, but continue to work. Others are being allowed to return to their jobs now with precautions. These people too must leave the safety of their homes. I consider myself to be one of the very fortunate, to be able to stay at home right now. All others who are working or who must leave their homes are in my daily prayers. I will eventually get my eye surgery and my new glasses, I just have to be patient. Also, I must remember what I've written today for myself. Especially on those days, when I want to get out of my home, just because I'm frustrated or bored.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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