• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 68

Thursday, 5/21/20

What a perfect day today. Warm, cool breeze, sun, blue sky with occasional fluffy, little clouds. Having my morning coffee outside was so great.

I work from 1:00 to 8:00 today. I love my job, but I have to admit, that I really miss actually being with my clients. I'm so thankful that I can work from home, but Telemedicine isn't the same for me as face to face.

My clients and I are making the best of this unnatural situation. I still love seeing them and helping them, even though it's via the internet. I continue to do good work, and they are all acclimating to this new venue, but it is different. Some clients don't have the internet, a computer or an IPhone, so we can only talk on the phone. That's not the same for either of us, but we are doing as best we can.

Some businesses are opening up with restrictions right now. I'm so happy for them and their employees, and I wish them safety in their return to work. I have no idea when I may return to my office. I am in such close proximity to my clients, and I am at high risk for the new Coronavirus. I really miss getting in my car and the short ride to my office. It was a home away from home for me and I loved being there. I miss the freedom to stop by the grocery store, or the drugstore on my way home. I miss the freedom of my independence.

My adult daughter as been living with me for quite a while. She had an illness that nearly took her life and has remained with me since. She is obviously at high risk of getting Covid-19. We have Worked out ways to give each other space in my small condo. We get along very well, but we have both lost our independence. This is day sixty-eight, and we have no idea when our situation will change. It sometimes wears on us, but we make the best of it.

I fully understand, that there are many people, who would love to be in my place, rather than theirs. They would be correct in thinking that. Many people are out of work and struggling financially. Parents are trying to be their children's teachers, and finding it nearly impossible at times. There are even those with mental health problems, who are staying at home alone. All these people and more, have it so much worse than me. Yesterday, I wrote about accepting, that things can always be worse. ie The man who complained about having no shoes, until he met the man with no feet. It is true that we can always look around, and see others worse off this we are. Conversely, I didn't share yesterday the other side of that coin. I always say to my clients who minimize their difficult situations. If it's as bad as it can get for you, then that's the worst it can be for you. We need to be as positive as we can, but realizing when we are suffering and in need of help is very important. Reach out to a safe person, to talk about how you are feeling. Feeling helpless and without hope, is a dangerous place to be.

So, to everyone who is struggling or suffering right now, I send compassion and caring. We may see someone else worse off than us that's true. However, when we are experiencing pain, emotionally, physically, financially or any other way, we deserve compassion and caring.

Be safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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