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Day 69

Friday, 5/22/20

I'm adding the day and date to my blog to help me remember what day it is. They often seem to run together, while remaining in my home twenty-four hours a day. Maybe this is what it's like being retired. I have no idea when that might be for me. As long as I am physically and mentally able to help people, I will continue to work. I love my job.

Today I'm going back to my office for a quick trip. The building is empty, so I feel safe going there. I need a few more things to run my business from my office. I have said several times, that I miss my office. However, I"m getting my bedroom office in better shape all the time. Bringing my office chair and footstool home from the office last week, made such a difference in comfort for me. That 's so important for long days sitting for hours. Making a corner of my bedroom an office, came with other benefits. I took the opportunity to reorganize and clear out things from my bedroom. Organizing and cleaning are great ways to make order out of chaos. In other words, it is a way to feel that you have some control in out of control situations. Try cleaning out a drawer or closet to feel more calm afterward. It actually works.

This is a shorter post today. I have many things I want to do. I hope that you are finding ways to keep busy. This is the beginning of the holiday weekend. I hope that if you have plans, that they will be conducted safely and that you will have a good time. To those like myself, who will be at home experiencing the holiday like any other day, I hope that you at least get outside and enjoy the weather.

Be safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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