• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 70

Saturday, 5/23/20

My mood is very good today. I had a very good day yesterday, and I got out of the house for a short time. My daughter and I took things to my condo storage unit. I'd collected everything from my bedroom, when making it into an office. I also went to my actual office to pick up some papers I needed. It felt weird being there, in that empty building. A short outing, but I did ride in the car again, and that felt great.

Memorial weekend is when I get my garden flowers, as a present from my daughters. We make a day of it by going to a large nursery, picking out flowers and then going out to lunch. This did not happen this year because of the virus, but we are creative and figured out a solution. My younger daughter went to the nursery, and FaceTimed me as she walked masked, through the store. I got to pick out my flowers virtually. It was fun and took a lot shorter time than it usually did, due to my previous meandering around, looking at all the beautiful flowers. It was fun, but it certainly did not replace all the one on one time, we'd had other years.

Things are so different. Sometimes, it just hits me, that we are in the middle of a pandemic, and I can't see my friends and family. It continues to be so surreal at times. It's hard to believe, that we are in the middle of a world wide pandemic. It's here in our country not somewhere millions of miles away. Things like that aren't supposed to happen here in the US, right? No, this is the kind of thing we've always read about happening someplace else. It is here, and the whole world is in it. Still so hard to believe.

Well, the only thing we can do about it, is to keep ourselves safe, and try to make the best of things if we can. I'm going to plant more vegetable seeds today. It's pretty humid out there, and my lungs don't get along in that climate very well, but maybe wearing my mask will help me breath better. I planted some seeds, which was another fun thing i did yesterday. I'm excited to see if everything grows. My patio garden has been so beautiful and pristine in years past. This year I will only have a few annuals, my perennials and then vegetables. I'm calling it my Victory Garden. With some luck, we my have our own vegetables, which seems much more important this year, than a pristine looking patio.

I'm trying to have the holiday experience by doing some things, that are relaxing and fun this weekend. I know that I can't be with family and friends, but I can connect by phone or online. I can grill outside and plant some flowers and vegetables. I can enjoy the warm weather, even if it's only outside, in my tiny patio garden. The rules are relaxing a bit, so some people are planning parties, while social distancing. I hope that works out well and that nobody gets sick as a result. I'm actually thinking of the groups, that will meet without any masks, or social distancing, being the ones who might get sick. I hope this holiday weekend helps people to reboot in a way. Taking time to think about something, other than how difficult things are. I hope that you may find laughter this weekend, and that you are able to relax. Maybe you will be like me, planting flowers or vegetables in the sun.

Be safe and member that this will not last forever.

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