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Day 71, Sunday, 5/25/2

I'm having my coffee outside today. The garden is in its early stages, but it won't be long until everything is thriving. This photo is from last year, and I'm really looking forward to seeing everything in full bloom once again. It's so relaxing to be outside, listening to the birds, and hearing the soft ringing of wind chimes. I am finally relaxed.

Yesterday, my older daughter and I worked outside, and we were so happy while doing that. My clients on Thursday were laughing more. They were looking forward to this holiday weekend, even though the world will probably be the same as the many previous days.

It is curious how we almost instinctively are excited about a holiday. In spite of the fact ,that for most of us, it will not be that different from the proceeding days. I feel it is because, we need a reason to forget about the pandemic and the news. Not thinking about the government, or finances, or the rest of the world, or obviously not the pandemic. A time out, if you will, from reality.

My daughter and I are not leaving home this weekend, as I believe is the same for most of America. Some people have decided to get together with friends and family or travel. I have to be honest here, I'm afraid that we will see an increase in the virus after this weekend because of this. I'm praying that people will make good decisions about social distancing and wearing masks, so that this does not happen. It is the first national holiday, since the beginning of this nightmare, and most of us want to take this time to relax and have some well deserved fun, but some may stretch the limits.

Even though my daughter and I aren't leaving our home, I know we both have the holiday mentality. I can actually feel it. I haven't been this relaxed in weeks. Yesterday afternoon, after working outside, I was able to rest, relax, and almost fall asleep on the couch. I am not a napper and I cannot remember the last time, I was relaxed enough to do that.

Today, I plan to finish up outside on the patio. I can't tell you how happy I am, when I am doing anything out here. Then tonight, I'm cooking fish on the grill, and having a glass of wine. My holiday celebration, and my time out from reality.

I hope that many of you will gain some sort of rejuvenation, from this much needed holiday. I pray for those who will not be celebrating in any way, and that you may find peace in your lives. May most of us find this weekend a more relaxing experience. If the weather is nice where you are, I hope that you will be able to spend time outside, as I am right now, relaxing, absorbing nature and taking a mental holiday from reality.

Be safe and remember this will not last forever.

*Please forgive any errors in my blog today. I first wrote this on my phone while drinking my coffee. Then later when I transposed it onto my computer all hell broke lose. I had so many problems with the laptop that it was taking well over an hour to do something that should have taken minutes. In the end, it crashed. I've just finished this on my desktop computer, which is hard for me to look at for any time, because it is so bright and my eyes are already suffering. Just and FYI

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