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Day 72 Monday, May 25


Yesterday felt like the holiday to me. Today I have a few clients scheduled, so I will actually be working today. I am seeing clients because, today is just like any other day to me now. We get to decide which day is going to be the holiday for us, and when we will work, in many cases. My clients wanted to meet today, so it becomes a work day for me.

It will be curious to see if people celebrated the holiday over the weekend, and are feeling that it is over for them as well. Some people are back at work, so to them this for sure is the holiday. Sometimes, I forget that other people are working full-time. Then I realize, that there have always been people, who have been keeping the country working, and are caring for others. Now, some other places are opening up, and I am so happy for them, because the financial burden has been great for many. Having this extra day off will mean a lot to them for sure. A well deserved time away from their jobs.

We have good weather again today, although it is really hot and humid. Great for anyone lucky enough to be near water, and still perfect for backyard barbecues. I saw pictures of people at the beach yesterday, and they were social distancing. That makes me so happy, that they are taking good care of themselves. I saw pictures of friends having dinner outside and social distancing as well. We all can have the fun of the holiday and still keep ourselves safe.

If today is your time to celebrate or if it was over the weekend, I hope that you kept safe and enjoyed your holiday.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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