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Day 73, Tuesday, 5/26/20

Well, summer is here in Michigan. We wait and wait for spring to come and then BAM, it's almost ninety degrees and humid. Mind you, I'm not complaining. We have sunshine, and that is what I need. Getting outside, even for a short time in the sun, gives us so many benefits.

I've been busy doing things outside. l have been planting seeds, both vegetables and flowers. They are doing well, and they are popping up like crazy. I'm really looking forward to seeing everything bloom and in

some cases, providing food for my table.

On another very different topic, I hope that the new Coronavirus cases in Michigan, continue to remain stable or even decline. The cases are very high in my county, and I pray that the holiday didn't bring people into unsafe situations. My friend, who is recovering from Covid-19, continues to improve. That makes me happy for so many reasons. Everyone is so thankful that he is still with us. Of course, that is first and foremost. I am so happy for his family, that they did not lose the very important person in their lives. Lastly, I am happy because he is my age and consequently at high risk. This gives me hope, that there will be other older people like us, who will survive this killer virus.

My blogs may be short for a while, dividing my time in my gardens and work. I have at least two subjects, I am looking forward to writing, but they will take more time than I have right now. I am thinking of all of you, who are doing the right thing to remain safe and alive. I am praying for others, who are not keeping safe, and who are endangering others by their behaviors. There are many more of we, who are doing our best, than those who are not. Many times the outrageous, sometimes dangerous people are put in the forefront in the news. Drama makes good press and reporters are always there to capture anything they can. The less attention given to these people the better, because attention is exactly what they want.

I hope that many of you feel better after the holiday weekend, and that you may be outside more now that summer is here. Keep that vitamin D3 from the sun strong. It helps us in so many ways.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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