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Day 86

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The dog says of summer. Michigan is notorious for a cold rainy spring and an instant ninety degree summer. We are having one of those hot days today. It's not my favorite temperature, but I'm not complaining, because my flowers and vegetables love it.

A long time ago I talked about buying vegetable and flower seeds. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to buy live flowers and plants because of Covid-19. Turns out I was wrong, at least for many people.

People are out shopping and eating in restaurants, as many things have opened up for business. I think that is a good thing to do for many reasons. For people to go back to work, for businesses to begin again, and for lives to return to some kind of normal. All that is wonderful ... maybe.

I think if everyone continues to practice social distancing and wearing masks, things should be OK. The experts have studied how we can reduce the danger of contracting the virus now, and this provides us the chance to do some things we've been missing. The thing that continues to worry me, are the hundreds of people who will meet together, not following the safety measures.

I'm fully aware that this group will totally disagree with this statement. Some people feel that they do not need protection, and that there really isn't even anything to worry about. I've heard so many explanations as to why some people feel this way. We might say, that it is their right to feel this way. They also may say, that it is their right to do as they want. I support people's rights, but in this case, people are getting sick and some are dying because of people resisting to follow the rules.

Some might say, "fine, they will learn the hard way when they get sick". I for one, do not want anyone to get Covid-19. If they do contract the disease and show no symptoms or are asymptomatic, there is the serious consequences, that may become carriers. They can give others the virus, to even we who are following the rules.

I know someone right now, who was possibly exposed to the new Coronavirus and is experiencing early symptoms (text results are not available for two days). This person was wearing her mask, but the person she was exposed to was not. I can't go into any more detail at this point, but I believe that I am clearly making my point about the necessity of the six foot distancing and the wearing of masks. It is important to remember that masks usually only keep the virus from spreading. They may not protect you in certain situations.

I'm certainly not an expert on viruses or pandemics. I'm an educated person and I work to educate myself. That helps me to understand the risks and gravity of our present situation, but nothing confirms the situation like experiencing it in real life. I'm praying this person does not test positive. She has been following the rules and because someone failed to wear their mask, she may have contracted Covid-19. You should know that the situation was beyond her control, when the exposure happened. I hope that I do not write about this person again. I pray that her test comes back negative. I don't want another person I know to have Covid-19.

I continue to remain isolated because I am at high risk to contract the virus. I feel safe but I am fearful for others, who live among those who have the disease and are passing it on to others. If you are out buying your plants and flowers, please remember to social distance along with wearing your mask.

People are struggling in so many ways right now. We have the new coronavirus and police brutality and uncertainty about where our own country is headed. We can protest and we can vote for positive changes, but where the virus is concerned, we can only protect ourselves until there is a vaccine. I continue to look forward to a better future. I continue to have hope for justice and safety. We must keep love in our hearts for those around us, to bring peace to the world.

Please stay safe and remember that Covid-19 will not last forever.

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