• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 32

I'm squinting as I write this. I had cataract surgery scheduled days before the pandemic hit. I was waiting for a new eye glasses prescription after the surgery. Consequently, my vision isn't what it should be, and time on my phone or computer is causing issues. I wonder how many other people are waiting for things to get back to normal ,so that they may receive the procedures they need?

I was really looking forward to better vision, but of course, it's not the end of the world, if I have to strain my eyes. I think of all the people who had Botox and fillers for their faces, and how they must be watching the wrinkles and sagging skin return. They must be somewhat panicked, that the world will see them in a more natural state. All the people in pain who were scheduled for knee and hip replacements will remain in agony, until the hospitals see non-emergent patients. Having had two knee replacements, I know that constant pain. It's not something you want to continue, but you must endure it none the less.

I wonder just how many things I haven't even thought of that are on hold. Our lives have changed so drastically in recent weeks. Keeping our hospitals open to care for Corvid-19 patients during the pandemic is most important. Also, going in to get a new knee may mean you return to the hospital, with the Corona Virus, a week or two later, only to have contracted i, while having your elective surgery. We are now asked to live in a way we've never experienced before, and it is often very difficult for a variety of reasons.

This pandemic will not last forever, but we are being asked to make sacrifices while it is here. I am a positive person, and I look forward to the end of this unnatural way of life, as everyone else does. However, I know it won't come tomorrow or any day soon. The return to normal will take time, and must be executed in a very slow, methodical way, to assure the safety of our country. Countries all over the world are blindly, making their way through this worst of all times. The end will come, but not as soon as we'd like. We are human, and we want things to happen quickly. Many just want, what they want, when the want it, disregarding their health and the health of others. A good example of this, are the people who want to go to their vacation homes in small communities. They do not seem to understand, that they could be bringing the virus with them, and could consequently wipe out the tiny communities. In addition, small vacation cities do not have the medical facilities to care for an influx of Corvid-19 patients. Therein, lies one of the reasons the stay at home order is required but interrupts our normal life.

Things will return to normal. We will go on with our lives. People will suffer in a variety of ways, until the end of this pandemic, but it will eventually come to an end. All we can do as individuals is, stay at home, and follow the rules.

Stay safe and remember that this is only temporary.

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