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Updated: Jun 21, 2020


Thursday, June 18, 20

I'm having my coffee outside on my patio, in my garden. Everything is growing like crazy out here. This is my inner sanctum, my place of peace, my secret garden. My condo affords me a small, fenced area. I fill it with as many flowers possible every summer. This year is a little different.

I decided early on, in the pandemic, that I should grow some vegetables along with my flowers. Now there are green pole beans climbing the shepherds hook, under a hanging basket of flowers, and there are hanging baskets of cucumbers where flowers once hung. The patio coffee table that once showcased attractive pottery and flowers, is now a place for pots of herbs and vegetables. This year I have a Covid victory garden with flowers. It's not the abundance of color of years before, but I still love it.

I remember how afraid I was, in the beginning of the pandemic. I was afraid that we would have trouble getting food, because the stores would close. I thought all my flowers would have to be grown by seed, because the nurseries would not be open. I had no idea what our would would become. I'd never been in a pandemic before. I had no idea what it would mean.

So, I ordered flower seeds and vegetable seeds in February. I failed to notice that some of them would be coming from China. This meant that I wouldn't get them for almost three months. Actually, some of vegetable seeds, still haven't shown up. Lesson learned there, In the end, it has all worked out, as the ones i first received are growing just fine. When I ordered them I was frantic, but I'm just happy that I have them and they are growing now.

Our world here in the US all but stopped three months ago. Things are slowly opening up now. People are finally getting haircuts, for themselves and their dogs. At least some are doing that. Our State government saved so many lives by shutting everything down. Now, we are beginning to loosen the tight grip of isolation and move outside our homes once again. Some are moving, but not me.

I must remain isolated because of my age and having asthma. I'm not sure when I will feel safe being with others. It may be when there is a vaccine and we are a long way from having that. People are navigating in a new normal out there. We have to wear masks and social distance. Establishments are figuring out ways to invite people in , and ways to safely navigate their customers. I'm just not comfortable doing that.


Like many of us, I was beginning to relax. Friends and family were going places. They were following the rules, wearing masks and social distancing. I was feeling much more confident about going out with my mask and at least visiting family. That was until my client came down with Covid-19. When this very healthy, thirty-three year-old person, who wears a mask, get the virus, once again I am afraid.

I actually don't mind being sequestered most of the time. I am so fortunate that I can still work from home three days a week. I can work on painting, tend my gardens and work on projects around my home. That being said, I miss my family and friends and going to exercise along with others, things I've had to give up in this last quarter of a year. I'm just so happi this pandemic didn't strike us in the Fall when the dark, cold winter lay ahead. At least, I have all the joy of summer to lift my spirits, and the gift of having coffee outside in the morning is priceless. I hope you've found ways to carve out some time where you can breathe deeply and enjoy the moment. This is how I feel today. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel differently and decide to carefully venture out into the world.

Be safe and remember that Covid-19 will not last forever.

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