• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 98

June 19, Friday 2020


As I have written before, I am a seventy-five year-old white woman. I never heard of this celebration on June 19 in my life. If it hadn't been for recent occurrences in our world, I may never have heard of it. Of course I was taught about the Emancipation Proclamation. At least, I'm sure an abbreviated version by white textbook authors. It was just another date that I had to remember to pass an exam. I knew it was a great thing, that human beings were no longer possessions of white slave owners. It ended, end of story, another date in history, but I never knew anyone ever celebrated that day.

The president of the United States was planning on having a rally on June 19. Did he know about the sacredness of this day? Was it by accident that he planned it, or was it purposeful done? We may never know. He was forced to change the original day, to the next day, today, June 20. Also, was it by accident that he's having it in Tulsa Oklahoma? Possibly not.

There were years of violence, after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, and there was enormous violence that happened in Tulsa. Why would any president want to hold a rally in this city? A city with a dark history pertaining to slavery, and treatment of the African Americans in their city. Is he trying to create yet another civil war? This is insanity.

There will be thousands of people at this rally tonight. People who support the president and many who are racists. How can this be a good thing? He's creating a powder keg in the heat of the summer, and he doesn't care. The only thing he seems to be thinking about is, that the crowd loves him and his ego will be fed by all the attention. He's the match that can set off the powder and I believe he wants to do just that, being a racist himself. I fear for the protesters, and the police, and the crowds of thousands, inside the building and outside, at the rally. I pray that no harm will be done but that may happen anyway.

More than likely, the crowd will be without masks, like their leader. All will be crowded into an indoor arena, breathing and touching everyone-- this is an enormous recipe for disaster. We are still in the first throws of this disease, and this event will, no doubt, cause it to balloon enormously. Not just people in Tulsa either. People are traveling from near and far, to hear Donald Trump. Each person may carry the virus back to their hometowns, and to their friends and relatives. Right now, the new coronavirus is like the head of the hydra. We cut off one head by isolation and masks, and another grows in its place, by the actions like this rally. This rally will spread the virus near and far, gaining momentum and raising its ugly head.

This is not an uplifting blog entry. How can I be positive, when I am bracing for something so big, as what will happen in Tulsa, Oklahoma tonight? Along with the threat of the Coronavirus, there is the threat of violence. Black lives do matter. The Covid-19 virus is real. Where is the brave and wise president, who would lead us forward in this time of catastrophe? One thing for sure, he is not living in the White House.

Be safe and remember that the Covid-19 virus will not last forever, but remember, black lives do matter.

Photos from Britannica and National Geographic, June 19,2020

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