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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Day 105

Friday, June 26, 2020

I'm talking about Covid-19 again. Not that I thought I wouldn't ever write about it again. It hasn't gone away. Our Governor has allowed some businesses to open up, and loosened the control, on some meeting places and travel. I feel that to some, that meant, things were all back to normal, and the virus was gone. (if it was ever here for some people). Many of us could see that this was a recipe for disaster, because some people would not follow the guidelines, set down by the Governor, and the the scientists, as well as the federal government. They did not, and now we are experiencing the damaging results.

It was wonderful for many to get together, and to do some things that couldn't be done, for the past three months. I understand that. Some were successful, in following through with the rules, and having much missed fun. Others, totally disregarded the rules, and so there are more cases of Covid-19. I read today, in the small town of Traverse City, something awful happened. People who were visiting, and weren't wearing masks or social distancing, came down with Covid-19. Eight of them to be exact. Now all the workers, in the winery, bars and restaurants must close, and all the people who work there, must lose two weeks of work while isolating. That doesn't even take into consideration, all the other people, who contracted the virus from them. A disaster that was waiting to happen.

A very big issue for small towns like Traverse City, is that they do not have the medical facilities, to handle an outbreak of the Coronavirus. Many people who get the virus, may have to travel to Grand Rapids, because the small medical facilities will not have room for them. I can't understand, why people are not believing that this is so contagious, and that it is real. They need to know people who have, or have had the virus. Now, at least eight of them who traveled to Traverse City will.

I certainly know people who have had the virus, and one who recently lost her husband, who died of Covid-19. It's certainly real for them! We are just living in the craziest of times. People dying, people who get the virus and do not have symptoms, and people who think it isn't real. This, along with people, who feel that we all will get it, and those who think it's like seasonal flu. It's crazy! I would like to scream it from the rooftops, what I know about the people, I personally know, who've had the virus. However, I doubt that it would actually help change some people's thoughts, about what is going on.

I continue to remain in my home. I fully understand how fortunate I am. I can work from home, and I can have food delivered to my home. I have some things like cataract surgery, that I have to wait on, and seeing the dentist, to put a crown back on a tooth. These things can wait, and I am so fortunate, that I am in good health along with my daughter, who lives with me. I pray that we remain well, and we are doing what we can, to insure that as much as possible.

Well, I guess, it's not sinking into some peoples heads, that Covid is real, and it is here to stay for quite a long time. It still baffles me, that scientists on all media are shouting about it, and still some people do not believe. I do know, that there are certain sources out there, that are spreading the worst lies, concerning the world and about the virus. I happened to see a short clip, of what these people were saying. Things that were not only lies, but atrocities as well. I fear their followers will be lead, right into the lions den. The lions are the coronavirus, and they will suffer in the grasp of a disease that may kill them.

I used to make my blog public, but I stopped, because I was getting ignorant, rude and mean push-back from some people. They attacked me for what I'd written, and I wasn't prepared for that. I never get involved in arguments, with people on FB about anything. Consequently, I'd never been exposed to the trolls, who lurk on social media. I mention this because we clearly cannot expect, that we might help people understand, that there is an extremely contagious virus happening around the world. This is like, trying to have a conversation with a racist, and expecting him to understand that black lives matter. We can only do what we can do, and hold each other up. We must find joy were we can, and listen to direction. None of us know what the future will bring, and in truth, we only have today. Pray if you pray, send and receive positive energy, or do whatever you do, to help you look forward to a time, when there is a vaccine and Covid-19 will be gone from the world. All we have right now is social distancing, and wearing masks to keep us safe. Please take care of yourselves, and remember your mask is there to save others. Be kind, and be conscientious and caring, for your fellow humans.

Be safe, and remember; Covid-19 will not last forever, and black lives matter.

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