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Day 112

Saturday, July 4, 2020

No, you're not looking at this post upside-down. This is how I'm feeling today, about this holiday. Many people are limited in what they will do to celebrate today, because of Covid-19. Our president is inciting violence and bigotry, in a packed venue in a National Park... this is not the Fourth of July I've ever experienced.

I honestly have hope for our future. I believe that we will find a vaccine for the coronavirus, and that our country will survive and improve. I am not a fatalist, but sometimes I do get a little weary. People are frustrated and worried, and both for good reason. I often hear, "I want to do things, I just want to feel normal". No one feels normal right now. Even if you are one of those people not wearing masks, or social distancing, the world around you is far from normal.

I am amazed at the number of people who are sad and surprised, that the last holiday, a month ago, caused an increase of Covid-19. People seemed to think that the opening of some businesses meant, they could go back to the way things were before Covid-19, and that they could resume all their old activities. They must have thought that things were back to normal, and that they didn't need masks or social distancing. I expect that the same thing will happen today, with the exception of the bars being open. That changed, after well over one-hundred people came down with Covid-19, from one bar in East Lansing. It's not going to be normal for a long time.

It never went away. It's been alive and in many people, who have shown little or no symptoms. That is especially true of younger people. I read yesterday, that there are now thought to be two kinds of carriers, with one of those being a super carrier. It seems that this person can infect many, many people. They are believed to be responsible for the large outbreaks. Who knows if this is even a fact. The truth is, that the only thing scientists know for sure is, that staying away from each other will keep you safe.

I've written before about the Black Plague. People back then did not initially understand, that the disease was being passed from person to person. Eventually, they began to separate the sick from the healthy, and the plague all but ended. One-hundred years ago they figured this out on their own. We have world renown scientists telling us to do the same thing,until a vaccine is found, and many people are not listening. If that theory is correct, about the super carrier, it makes being in close contact with others even more dangerous.

I totally understand why people are running, to long over due appointments, and having family and friends getting together. Going to restaurants and bars and beaches as well. We were locked down for three months and people wanted normal again. The number of cases in our state were down before Memorial Day. Why? Because we were isolating, not because the virus was gone.

When the bars were allowed to open, the number of cases sky rocketed. Young people gathering, speaking loudly over loud music, drinking and doing all that in a crowded room. A recipe for disaster, and disaster hit.

I would love to be celebrating this Fourth of July, and having fun with family and friends. I would love to be face to face with my clients right now, but I can't. I absolutely can not do any of these things, because I don't want to take any chances. I am at high risk, which I have said before, but even if I weren't, I would be very, very cautious.

I understand that things will not be normal for a long time, but it will come. We have to continue to do what ever is necessary to make this happen. Our country is struggling right now. We are being encouraged to hate and fight against peace, and the love of one another. Unbelievably, this is being done by our President. He is putting people in harms way, by encouraging large groups of people to attend his rallies. Everyone in close proximity to each other and not wearing masks. Shouting over each other, spreading saliva and germs all around them. Is he trying to kill his constituents, the people who will vote him again into office? None of it makes sense to me.

I do not intend for my blog to be political in nature. I want to help people and myself to be positive, and find ways to improve our lives, while struggling in this pandemic. This is not political. This is about saving lives and spreading hope and love. That isn't happening in our POTUS's office in the present. We must fight for love and caring of one and another. We must listen to those who spread these words, and not to those of man, who puts his own family and constituents in harms way. A man who only seems to think of himself and the power he may hold. God help us if there are four more years like this. Voting is all we have, and this coming election is one of the most important in history.

This was not a happy post. I apologize for that. I am concerned about people dying of the virus. I know four people now, who have had the virus and one of those died. In this post, I am sharing the seriousness about things, so that hopefully people will listen and keep safe. I hope that anything I have shared about the present situation in our country, may help change our world for the better. Love is all we need, John Lennon.

Be safe and remember that Covid-19 will not last forever and black lives matter.

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