• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 33

My daughter and I watched Groundhog Day a couple of nights ago. We watched it because we liked the movie, but also because of the irony. Every day is like the last in many ways, but time seems to be moving differently for me right now. In a very weird way, it seems to be going quickly, but that may be because of my age. My mother always told me when we get older time goes faster, and I see now that is true.

So, what will you do with your time today? There's snow on the ground here in Grand Rapids, so gardening will have to wait. We can still clean up our outdoor spaces, but that's about it, I think. Still, that gives us something to do. Speaking of gardening, what's with all the people up in arms about planting a garden? I am getting frustrated with all the anger being kicked up about not having seeds. Don't we have bigger worries right now? Forgive me, I digress.

Many people are still cleaning and organizing and that is time well spent for sure. Other people are making masks and that is so wonderful, especially the people who are making them for our health workers. My younger daughter is making a miniature garden house, She's making things like little books no bigger than a small fingernail. It's going to take her a long time to finish, but like most of us, she has an abundance of time for that. People are coming up with so many things to keep themselves occupied. Creativity is everywhere, and people are doing things they didn't have time for before now. Creative people are never bored.

If you are not a creative person that's fine too. People are playing board games and cards for the first time in years. I've talked to people who now have the chance to binge watch television shows. Some people are watching movies, as my daughter and I did this past week. I understand that many of you are still working so time is still a commodity for you. Some of you are working in jobs, risking your lives, to keep us safe, while others are saving lives. Time has never changed for you and if fact, many of you have less free time than before the pandemic.

When we are bored or looking for something to fill the hours at home, maybe we need to instead, be thankful. We could be the people on the front lines in hospitals. Maybe, we need to be thankful, that we are not going to work in unsafe conditions, being the people who are keeping the country moving. Maybe, we need to have faith that this is only temporary. The pandemic will not last forever but it is not going to go away in a month. I think we should be thankful for what we do have, instead of complaining about what we do not have. I'm not downplaying the difficulties people are facing. Not getting a paycheck, and the financial worries are real problems, and I understand that. Not being able to return to our jobs is affecting many of us right now, but anger and worry can't change that. I don't understand why some people can't see that we are in isolation to save lives, above all else.

I guess there are many things people are doing right now, that I don't understand. I do know that I can only take care of myself in any situation, whatever others are doing. Right now for me, staying alive and well, are the most important things, that I have to really worry about. Even if I would end up in bankruptcy, I'd rather be alive figuring out what to do next, than in a grave beside my mother. I'm sorry if this post ended on a sensitive note. These are not easy times we are living in right now. So, maybe worry less about buying flowers or what to do with all your free time and instead, be thankful that you are alive, and will exist, by staying in your homes.

Be safe an remember that this will not last forever.

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