• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 34

I did a little painting yesterday, following through with yesterday's goal. This is an oil painting I started months ago, and I decided to finish it. I'm still not happy with it, but I decided to stop anyway. I could go on forever changing things,consequently; it's important to know when to quit.

Today it's going to be in the low fifties outside, so I'm going to work a while, in my patio backyard. I planted a very large perennial garden last year, in a common area, here at my condo. I keep checking for new little green heads to pop up in both places. I love being in the garden, and I plan on spending even more time out there this year.

,Do you have any hobbies? If you don't, this might be the time to explore finding one. I received an email today, saying that Michael's has curb pickup. They'er open because they sell school supplies. Why not try your hand at painting, or jewelry making, or drawing or assembling something creative? You can go online and see their ad, order or online, and use curbside pickup . Some of my friends have coloring books, and they use markers to color them. There are just too many things to name here, that one might do for fun.

My friend in Florida, asked today on Facebook, how the gardens were doing in Grand Rapids? We all replied, that we were waiting for the snow and frost to end. We will have to be patient, for warm weather to come. Waiting isn't easy right now, because we need to get outside and out of our houses. However, I have said to many clients, how happy we are, that the pandemic didn't start in September. We would be looking at, the dark grey of winter ahead, and we would be struggling through Michigan's long winter. At least now, we are nearing spring and summer, when we can get outside. We can really be thankful for that. However, having said that, the winter sports enthusiasts might disagree.

I'm going to make today a good day. I'm going outside but I'm also going to cook something healthy. I've gained four pounds, and I know it's because I've been eating quickly made food. We must take care of ourselves, during this very difficult time. We don't want to survive the virus and be unhealthy in other ways. So, eat well, get exercise, get outdoors, and think positively. We must do the best we can right now, to keep our brains and bodies active and healthy.

You might consider getting off the couch, if you realize how lucky you really are. The brave and very tired people, working as first responder, and the doctors, nurses and nursing home employees, who are putting their lives on the line everyday. Other people who are working outside their homes, in places that are connected to the military, or government. My younger grandson is one of those people, and he shared with me today, how tired he was, working more, so that others could remain in their safe homes.

If you are not one of the before mentioned workers, or one of the others, who are risking their lives daily, you have more time on your hands, then you know what to do with. So, think about something you might do today, that may improve your life. If you are not artistic, or creative, just get outside and walk. Consider yourself lucky that you have your health. Many people are going hungry right now, and don't even have a home. Be thankful for what you do have right now. Remaining in isolation is not going to kill you but the virus can. Be thankful and grateful and enjoy this beautiful day.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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