• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psychotherapist

Day 36

I made the mistake Saturday night, reading the news, before I went to sleep. It took a while to get to sleep after that. (Note to self,,, remember what you tell everyone else, limit the time listening, reading, watching the news) Actually, it was the picture I'd seen, that kept me awake.

Grown men with big guns, looking very smug, on the capital lawn in Lansing. People carrying signs saying horrible things. Children accompanying their parents, and no one wearing a mask. People standing shoulder to shoulder, as well as, people hanging out of their cars, obviously yelling angry things. I wrote yesterday, living in the time of coronavirus seemed like a movie or a novel. If that were true, then that was a scene, from a Quentin Tarantino film. Things gone mad, with wild people doing scary and crazy things. God help us.

I realize,that the group consisted of only a few people, compared to the huge number of people who live in Michigan. However, they were successful, in getting the attention of many people. I realized this morning that I'd been manipulate, and I refused to allow that to continue to affect me. There are many more important things, that we need to focus on, and most of us are doing a great job, at keeping ourselves and others safe. We are in the majority.

I'd rather think about how people are caring for each other, in this difficult time. I'd rather think about neighbors, caring for each other. I'd rather know that good people are making masks for hospitals and nursing homes. I'd rather concentrate on all the people, who are shopping for our food, working in bank window, drugstores, and stocking the shelves in grocery stores. I'd rather know that most of us are doing he right thing, to keep each other safe and healthy. There are more people who are not showing force, by carrying large guns, or yelling from cars or creating road blocks.

Don't read bad news before going to bed. Don't watch people acting in hateful, angry ways. Don't lose sleep, over things, of which you have no control. Look out for each other, and remember, there are many more caring, appreciative people, in the world, than the misinformed and hateful.

Be safe and remember that this will not last forever.

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