• Barbara Clayton Price


Day 85

Sunday, June 7, 2020

There is a virus that is killing people around the world called Covid-19. There is another "virus" in the world and it is racism. One is very obvious. People in hospitals and on ventilators. Loved ones who are dying and feeling lost because you are not be by their side. Rules to follow and anger about following the rules. It is a world wide pandemic of great proportion. The second is just as deadly but it's been given little attention until now.

Racism is also world wide. I recently listened to an interview with people of color, from four countries, who were speaking out concerning the hatred and racism in their countries. It's a different kind of pandemic, but it's not a new virus... it's ages old.

Our country is young by comparison to others. People who settled here had an opportunity to start anew and form a country without hatred, but they brought it with them, an invisible virus of hatred.

I believe the first group to experience the hatred and bigotry were the Native Americans, who inhabited this country long before the white man came. Then that was followed by the slaves who were thought of as property. Bigotry and hatred were a part of America from the beginning. It was brought by people without love and without consciousness. It was these people who had this "virus" in their hearts and brought it to America.

The decedents of these people and others still live among us today. They encourage violence and hatred. They often consider themselves above the law and they live in hatred and fear. These are the people who keep prejudice and racism alive, like a killer virus.

People are marching again. I was there in the sixties when Dr. King lead huge marches, that went for miles. They were protesting against hatred, racism and asking for peace between people of all colors. So here we are again. Still asking for the same things, over fifty years later. I am a white woman. I can never feel or understand what it means to have black or brown skin. I have never walked in those shoes. I don't know what it is like to feel hatred as a little girl, just because I'm not white. A different kind of killer virus is in the hears of some people in our country, and we must work together to find the vaccination that stops the spread of it. If you are white and you want to learn how to improve our world reach out. Find study groups on racism, or read books written by African Americans. Watch videos made by people of color explaining the different kinds of prejudice they experience. There is outward hatred, but there are many things we think and do, that are prejudicial as well. Knowledge is power.

I will always believe that there are far more good people in the world than bad. We are many, but we need the vaccine that helps us to live in harmony, side by side with people of color. The hatred that lives in the hearts of the few, is like a festering boil. It is there for the world to see, big and ugly. The goal is to infect the world and kill the weak. We are the majority, and we must fight to level the curve of this virus of racial injustice, that kills and harms our fellow human beings.

Stay safe and remember that Covid-19 will not last forever.

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