• Barbara Clayton Price

Sequestered Psyschotherapist

Day 34

Is it wrong to stay in bed until noon once in a while? Heck no, it isn't! I stayed in bed today, long after I woke up. I checked out social media, to see how my friends were doing, and to get a laugh watching kids and kittens. I read the daily New York Times, Washington Post and local online newspapers, catching up on the latest news. I texted with a client, who had a question about using the internet for therapy, and I thought about what I was going to do the rest of the day. It was great.

Reading or watching the news can be hard to digest, and we should really limit our time doing it. There are a lot of crazies out there right now, and I use that term very seldom, being a Psychotherapist. Some of them elicit feelings of fear, anger and frustration. Can we do anything about what they are saying, or doing? No, we absolutely cannot. In my blog post yesterday, it was clear that I'd succumbed to those feelings. I know that I cannot change people, and I know that I have absolutely no control over what people do. Yet, I fell into the trap after reading about the demonstration in Lansing.

Today I am in a much better place. I processed my feelings and reminded myself that I have no control over others. Today is a new day, and I look forward to relaxing and actually getting to that oil painting, I've been talking about for days. Today on my 34th day of isolation, I once again, have hope for the future. I trust, that the smartest scientists around the world, will create a vaccination, to end the pandemic. I trust, that whatever financial situation we are in, after the dust of the last corona virus disappears, that we will survive.

There is still tragedy ahead of us but, there is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Until then, try to find ways to pass your days with hope, and not fear. Be thankful for what you have, and worry less about getting more. Pray for everyone on the front lines of this killer virus, who are keeping us alive, or caring for us in so many other ways. Look for something positive to pass the time today and really limit your time watching, listening or reading the news. Reach out to someone, maybe even a phone call, in this world of texting. Hearing another voice may be just the thing someone needs today.

I'm going to call my sister and my sister-friend after I post this. I'm going to finish a painting, and maybe start another huge one, that I've been thinking about doing. I hope that you find something that will help you or others today, both are healing experiences.

Keep safe and remember that this won't last forever.

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